News A police car parked outside the scene of the arson attack on Fenwick Drive.

Police in Wrexham were out in force last night after reports of suspicious behaviour near Cefn Road.

A large number of police cars and the force helicopter were seen and heard out in Caia Park and Borras by @wrexham followers between 10.30pm and 12am last night.

North Wales Police told us that they had been investigating reports of suspicious behaviour on Cefn Road and Fenwick Drive also a report of an attempted burglary in Fenwick Drive.

Following the prolonged search one suspect was later detained.

Dan Brown (@HollowManDan) first alerted us to the situation, he said: “Any idea’s why the police helicopter is hovering over by the greyhound pub? Been here a good few minutes now.”

Natalie Astle (@natalieastle) added: “police helicopter hovering over Cefn rd, blue lights, and a lot of shouting/comotion…any ideas what’s going on?”

Gardens were searched by police on Fenwick Drive according to Ann Wilcox (@Ann2w27) and Michelle Martin (@mchap1978) said the police searchlight had been shone straight through her window.

She said: “They have just searched Holt road and Fairways with searchlight straight in my window bit of a shock!”

Others reported seeing police travelling down Bryn Estyn Lane towards the Rugby Club and close to Ysgol Morgan Llwyd.

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