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Wrexham Lights Up For Christmas 2013

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Nov 21st, 2013.

Wrexham’s Christmas Lights were switched on signalling the run up to Christmas (which is less than 5 weeks away!) complete with a number of special performances and top notch firework display.

We were live blogging throughout the afternoon and at the event itself so if you are attended be sure to tweet us your pics to @wrexham or send them into us at news@wrexham.com.

00:04am: That’s it! The light switch is over for another year. We hope you all enjoyed it and had a good night. We’d like to thank everyone for all your support and tweets to @wrexham throughout the night. We thoroughly appreciate it as we couldn’t do it without you! The stage and rides have been dismantled, the glow sticks are gone and we have eaten far too many pork baps.

Underneath is a sneak peak of some pictures of the event, but check back tomorrow for a full picture round up when we will be posting some pictures, your comments and thoughts of the evening. Until then, we are off for a nice, long sleep!












11:30am: Preparations for the event started yesterday when a team started packing the 2,500 goody bags for tonight’s event!


The bags also include glow sticks from our official partner, Wockhardt. Contrary to some belief, Wockhardt aren’t turning the Christmas lights on, nor are they a boy band like someone suggested! Wockhardt have kindly supplied us with glow sticks and some pens for the night. The lights themselves will be turned on by the cast of Glyndwr panto!

Just after midday the fair started to arrive on Queens Square. Someone did ask if there was a wet t-shirt competition, but the weather appears to be too clear for that at the moment!


1:33pm: Eight of us are still packing the goody bags for tonight. They’re full of glow sticks, vouchers, and some panto tickets for some lucky bag holders!

2:15pm: The stage is taking shape on Queens Square, and weather forecasts are good!

3:18pm: Some of us are still packing the goody bags for tonight and have accepted our lives as bag packing minions. A few others have dropped off the Wrexham.com banners to Queens Square, which will be put up on the stage tonight. Underneath is a picture of just some(!) of the bags we will be handing out tonight.

bags 2

3:21pm: Back at Queens Square, only this time we’re checking out a hog…

3:30pm:  The set up on Queens Square, featuring our rather nice Wrexham.com banners on the back of the stage!

queens square

3:35pm: The bag packers among us have finally finished. Over 10 hours of bag packing in total. Packing bags like pros! Although a lie down in a dark room may be needed now…

3:47pm: The Hog roast is being set up and prepared. £3.50 for hot roast with stuffing and apple sauce. Yum!

hog roast 2

4.28pm: Darkness is falling fast over here in Queens Square but not too long before we bring some light back to it in the form of fireworks and xmas lights!

A late update as we are loving the fun and stuffing our faces with hog roasts!






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