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Warning as group on bikes stop & surround cars to try and gain access

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Aug 18th, 2017.

A warning is being circulated after a group of youths on bikes have been trying car doors, and in one case deliberately stopping a vehicle to gain access.

Update 11:20pm: We have just been made aware of another similar incident this evening. The third account, made around 10:30pm about an incident Smithfield Road, reads : “A group of lads on bikes aged between 11-16 stopped my car in the middle of the road. Their so called ringleader had his tyre up against my front bumper. Whilst he did this a younger lad went to the back of my car and opened the boot, another opened the passenger door.”

In a separate account Dawn wrote on our Facebook page: “This is what happened to me tonight, glad I had locks on, they tried to open my boot. Boy on bike in front of my bonnet so I couldn’t move my car, boys at the side of my car too. I was surrounded it’s totally disgusting

Original information below…
The below incident took place on Summerhill Road around 7:30pm, with the group also being sighted later in town itself by Eagles Meadow.

Laura posted the account of her interaction with the group on her Facebook page, “Please be aware of about 6 or 7 lads on bikes. One lad pulled in front of me, causing me to break whilst another tried getting into my back doors and boot.

“It was lucky that my car automatically locks whilst driving otherwise O dread to think what would of happened to me.

“Eventually as they didnt get access, they moved on slowly. I did warn other cars coming towards me but not sure if they have tried the other cars parked up.”

Laura has reported the incident to the police.

Around the same time Ben tweeted us about what appears to be the same group:

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