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V4B Celebrates 20 Years In Business

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Sep 13th, 2012.

If you pop by Queens Square today you will see local company ‘V4B’ quite literally parked up with some interesting cars – plus a competition to enter. We went to the industrial estate this week to learn more about this local success story!

This year has been VB4’s 20th in business, and they told they “started in a little office in Ruthin” but are now in a large plush office on the Wrexham industrial estate! The office also has a purpose built service center connected to it.

V4B are the area’s largest vehicle leasing company, and they are audited annually as a franchise by Network Vehicles Limited who are part of Leaseplan the world’s largest leasing company with over 1.3 million vehicles on contract worldwide.

The 20 strong workforce is made up of people from Wrexham & the surrounding area.

After many years of hard work by the Managing Partner Richard Boreham and his partners Andrew Hollis-Roberts and Richard Morgan the business now employs around 20 people, pleasing to say, all from the local area!

“Even though we supply cars and vans nationally we pride our self’s on the local business‘s we help and support, we have some great relationships in Wrexham, some as old as we are” said Chris Lawlor, who has been put in charge of local development within V4B, and thus why hes speaking with us here at Wrexham.com !

“V4B is in a unique position within the leasing industry because we are not owned by a particular manufacture or beholden to one financial institution, we can supply any car, any van, any make and any model in a wide range of financial offerings. We pride our self’s on being approachable for advice which as always is free, and we have found over the years that being completely impartial has helped”

When we popped over this week the above flexibility was demonstrated as they had a Renault ‘Twizy’ on site. The Twizy is an example of the new technology on offer, and how V4B are adapting with change in the market place. Its an electric ‘car’ in theory, however is more of a scooter in reality. Figures from Renault suggest it has a range of around 60 miles and ought to cost just £1 to charge fully!

A Renault Twizy. Its got Lamborghini style ‘gull’ doors, but to be honest thats where the comparison ends!

With fewer banks offering asset capital to small and medium sized business in the current economic climate V4B offer ‘Asset Finance’ services, filling a gap and enabling businesses to get access to vehicles where more traditional methods may have dried up.

If you are in town today, pop along to Queens Square, Chris and others from V4B will be there to answer questions (plus they have a competition for you to enter) or just check out the Twizy as it really is an odd vehicle, which we could see alot more of on our streets soon!

Visit the V4B site here – or ring them on 01978 664 550 !



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