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Two Arrested After Doris The Sheep Stolen

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Aug 31st, 2015.

One of the brightly coloured sheep on St Giles way was stolen overnight, with two arrested after a foot chase by police.

There is currently a bare patch of grass next to the other two sheep, Blessing and Wheely Good Sheep, where Doris the sheep should have been this morning.


The theft is believed to have taken place shortly after 1am this morning, with Town Inspector Paul Wycherley telling @wrexham: “Two arrested @wrexham following a foot chase for stealing the third one of there. Item recovered.”

The sheep are hefty items, and were secured to the bank via a bracket connected to a wooden post so would have required some effort to remove.


Wrexham’s MP Ian Lucas was out observing the Bank Holiday night time economy along with Inspector Wycherley however it is not yet confirmed if he was involved in the sheep related pursuit.

There is no official update if Doris has been injured, and we hope she returns back to overlook St Giles, as pictured below:

UPDATE 1:20pm: Wrexham.com has managed to speak with someone who has talked to Doris this morning: “Doris says that she is a bit shaken up, but thankfully having been recovered, she’ll remain indoors for a good sleep then be reinstated to her home on St Giles Way with her family, along with two new arrivals (Jack Mary Ann & Champion) on Wednesday ahead of the Tour of Britain arriving on Sunday.

“Doris has loved the welcome from Wrexham folk so far and her family may continue to grow thanks to the support of some local businesses in the coming weeks!”


For more information on the sheep, please click here for our article written on the day they appeared…

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