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Travellers Protest Over Rhostyllen Field Access

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2013.

Over the last three days local travellers have been in dispute over access to paddocking land just outside of Wrexham.

A field that was at one point rented to a local traveller family has been used for keeping horses. As of this morning the horses are still in the field which is located just off the Rhostyllen junction of the bypass. The Council have placed concrete blocks on the strip of land between the paddock and the highway to block access. One local resident told us that another had been placed over the entrance however had since been moved.

One of the protest signs accuse the Council and Police of 'Prejudice'.

One of the protest signs accuse the Council and Police of ‘Prejudice’.

Another local person told us that the ‘cat and mouse games’ started on Saturday, with another saying they saw council workers in two trucks, a lorry and a JCB.

What has been described to us as a ‘stand off’ occured, however the Council vehicles backed off after ‘angry words’ were said.

Yesterday afternoon signs appears and a small protest occurred, which carried on this morning. A car is placed blocking the enterance to the field so no concrete blocks can be put back down.

Another of the protest signs.

Another of the protest signs.

The Council told Wrexham.com they felt it was “not appropriate to comment at this moment in time”, and when we re-asked this morning were told the same.

Police however have confirmed they were called over the weekend, where they observed the concrete blocks had been moved so they informed the Council.

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