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Town Centre Forum – A Roundup

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Oct 2nd, 2012.

Early this morning over thirty town centre traders, local stakeholder representatives including the council and the police crammed into a meeting room at the Guildhall for this months Town Centre Forum.

We have written three longer stories on topics raised in this meeting:
Crime Figures Down : Anti Social Behaviour Down 12.4% including details of NightSafe.
New Wrexham Town Centre Map , release of a new map copyright free.
Opposition To New Friday Market Proposals details of the debate regarding proposals for a new Friday Market.

Short updates from the meeting:

Tesco Roundabout
We have reported before that there was an intention to place a dragon on the Tesco roundabout. Progress was queried but there has been no progress’.

One wag did make the comment of ‘put a market on it instead!’, referring to the previous discussions on markets!

Football Promotion

Kevin Critchley told the meeting he had a “Fantastic evening at the football” watching Wrexham FC play saying hes “never known so few people make so much noise” recommending all attend saying “its not a bad day or night out”.

Nightingale House

Details of their Hollywood Ball were given – you can check details of it on their site here.

They also requested if any Daily Post readers were collecting the ‘Wish Campaign’ tokens to keep them in mind!

Traffic Issues

Queries were raised about road closures around town, with Stansty railway bridge being a local hot topic. The meeting was told that a website has been setup for feedback however we are unable to find an address for it.

Councillor Neil Rogers pointed out that the bridge is not owned by the council, but the underpass is currently ‘not compliment’ in terms of access , with examples being given such as mobility scooters.

Lack Of Guildhall Name and Crest

Bob Gray told the meeting he attended Friday evening’s ‘WOW’ event welcoming Tom James & Chris Bartley back to the town and honouring Tom with freeman status. Mr Gray did attend as he appeared in our video report – which you can watch here.

The lack of a big ‘Wrexham coat of arms or crest’ concerned Mr Gray, who also mentioned extra signage to point out that it is ‘Wrexham not Rhos or Rossett’ would be nice. Generously he also said to the council “If you are stuck for money I will give you some money to do it.”

Town Centre Parking Review

It was confirmed that as per the previous parking report a review will take place in December this year, however no discussion has yet taken place. The council confirmed “we will not increase it (parking charges) in the run up to christmas” with parking services adding “we have not been told of anything in parking services”.

Poppy Appeal Total

Kevin Forbes, community fundraiser from the Royal British Legion said that the Poppy Appeal last year totalled £59k+ saying it was a ‘huge increase in the last 5 years’ and wanted to give “massive thanks to the population of wrexham”.

The Town Centre Forum is a monthly meeting, and we will post up details of when the next one is due when we know.

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