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Stansty Railway Bridge One Way System Update

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Sep 5th, 2012.

Last week we followed up the plans to make Stansty Road under the railway bridge one way. Due to an email glitch we have a slightly delayed reply to our queries we put to the council.

Its been confirmed there is no requirement for traffic signals, or traffic lights as they are more commonly known. The road through Stansty Tunnel will be operating in a one way direction only (from Town towards Plas Coch).

We asked the council if there was going to be any improvement to crossings for pedestrians over Rhosddu Rd towards Prices Lane.

The council told us “The Council does provide a crossing patrol officer at this location to assist the community during the am and pm peak periods. The implementation of the one-way system will change the dynamics of traffic flows in the local area, particularly at the junction of Rhosddu Road, Stansty Rd and Prices Lane. If the trial is successful and the one way is retained, it will provide an opportunity to potentially re-model this junction to improve pedestrian crossing facilities.”

As well as car and foot traffic we are aware of cyclists who use the route, so enquired if there was any provisions in place to cater for them however we are told at this stage, there are no plans to create additional cycling facilities in this area.

As avid Wrexham FC fans we have often walked under the railway bridge, and on bigger games there can often be queues either side of the bridge before and after games. We asked if there there had been any consultation with the Football Club as they are traffic generators on Tuesdays / Saturdays.

The council did not say they had, however in their reply indicated that consultation would occur during the trial period saying “The football club is one of many local traffic generators in the area (i.e. Glyndwr University, Plas Coch Retail Park etc). Throughout the trial period, the Council will be monitoring impacts and seeking the views of the wider community including local businesses and other interested parties. Advanced notices will be displayed two weeks prior to the implementation of the one-way.”

The six week trial is due to start at the end of this month.

There is currently an 19 post thread on our forums debating this issue – have a read and join in by clicking here.

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