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There were firm expectations of snow to return to the area yesterday evening as a weather band moved across from the West however the snow that hit was more serious than expected.

After initial flurries in the early evening a major snowfall event of over 3 inches in the space of two hours took place from around 7pm onwards. This snowfall was predicted to be rain however due to lower temperatures it fell as snow. By 1:30am temperatures rose, and light rain helped start melt the snow. (Pic above of St Giles link road as of about 10pm by @wxmmoz)

a483 snow friday 25th 500x299 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

Andrew Carlton sent this picture of the Wrexham A483 bypass as of 11:10pm saying a lorry had jackknifed on Gresford Hill and ‘a BMW was going sideways’.

Drivers were pulling over on the A483 Wrexham bypass as all lanes were covered in snow. On Gresford Hill later in the evening members of the public were organising cars trying to help those most able to drive up it to take priority. Due to a jackknifed lorry there were even worse tailbacks with traffic at a full standstill, with one person reporting ‘groups of people out walking between cars’. Another reported that they had been stationary for over an hour and a half. There were similar reports from the A541 Mold Road, where twelve cars were stuck in snow.

Police were called to the incident on the A483 however due to conditions were not able to attend. One person told us “We rang 101 and the police said ‘they are doing there best’ but did not show.”

There were reports of abandoned cars throughout the area on local roads and major routes such as the A483, A55 and M56, and we have spotted several parked up on side roads.

jodie harry kings mills rd snow 500x400 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

Jodie Harry sent us this picture of Kingsmills Rd as of 11pm

GHA Coaches stopped their services as the roads were ‘too dangerous’, and roads in and around town became impassable inside an hour. Arriva buses said in the early evening “Due to worsening weather conditions, all Wrexham services are being stopped for the evening”. Trains though appeared to be running fine.

sian edwards bnq 500x366 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

Sian Edwards sent this picture of the road by the Plas Coch pub facing the B&Q Roundabout in Town as of 10:30pm. Sian also said she measured the snow on the road in Pentre Broughton ‘4 inches of fresh snow in 3 hours’

Kathryn Davis said “Avoid Croeshowell hill on Llay Road. Cars unable to get up it and sliding down!”, advice that was mirrored in and around the Wrexham area.

Lights were reportedly flickering in New Broughton, Coedpoeth with a full power cut in Bwlchgwyn. Erbistock also lost power just after midnight.

untouched snow rob stead 500x342 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

Rob Stead sent us this picture of untouched snow that fell inside 90 minutes.

‘JB’ from Garden Village said at 8:35pm “Garden village has just come under a fairly hefty blizzard, snowflakes the size of 50ps. Visibility is fairly good and the main road(Chester Road) although covering up rapidly are fairly clear of traffic. Side streets and pavements especially are very icy and hazardous.”

He also sent this picture in of the conditions on Chester Road by Garden Village shops:
chester road snow 500x375 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

simon acton snow 500x492 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

Simon sent this picture in from Acton.

This video was sent in of the situation in Hightown:

chris lawlor crem 500x375 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

Chris Lawlor sent this in saying “Road to Wrexham Crem is ALWAYS CLEAR but this snow is unrelenting hence this picture! Stay safe out there guys!”

brymbo road snow 500x281 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

This picture was sent in of conditions up Brymbo/Tanyfron.

anthony tesco snow 375x500 Unexpected Heavy Snow Causes Major Problems Overnight

Anthony Evans sent us this picture at 10:15pm of the view in central Wrexham

Tweets to our @wrexham twitter account from people around Wrexham, latest at the bottom: