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Snake Spotted On Wrexham Golf Course

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jul 3rd, 2014.

Golfers at a Wrexham golf course were left confused this week after discovering a 3ft snake on Wrexham golf course.

Ady Maddocks tweeted these photos to Wrexham.com earlier this morning, saying he had found the snake on Wrexham Golf Course and asked if anyone knew what species it was.


A number of people have since come forward to see that it could be either a grass snake or an adder. Another person added that it looks like a carpet snake!

Jason said: “Deffo a grass snake, completely harmless unless you’re a frog’, while Mark said: ‘It must be a male as females are only allowed on the course on Tuesday.”

Another golfer told us they have often seen the snake on the course, adding ‘It’s well known there’.

We contacted Wrexham Golf Course to ask if they knew what the species of snake was and if snakes on the course were a common occurrence.

A spokesperson for Wrexham Golf Course said: “A lot of our members spot these snakes on the course when they are playing especially if the weather is warmer. We have a lot of wildlife that have made their homes on the course, members have also reported seeing weasel regularly as well, although as yet no one has been quick enough to get a photograph.

“The snake in the picture could either be a large grass snake or adder, we are not sure as the picture isn’t clear enough, we have both on the course.”

Since the images were tweeted earlier Eddie Williams has been in touch with Wrexham.com to say that he suspects he had been bitten by something similar while out last week.

Eddie said: “We’re still unsure of the cause and will definitely find out on Monday after MRI. Felt a sharp sting then several hours later muscle spasms and paralysed calf muscle.”

IMG_20140628_182332 (1)

“I had trouble walking then the morning after went to see the doctor who sent me to A&E. They suspected DVT deep vain thrombosis and put me on blood thinners. That night at home I was in excrutiating pain my calf had swollen to 18inches from 15inches. I had to call an ambulance.”

Have you ever spotted any snakes in Wrexham? Get in touch by tweeting @wrexham or by emailing news@wrexham.com

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