Slow Mooving Cows On Wrexham Bypass

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

Several people have been in touch to tell us about five cows that have been spotted walking along the bypass.

The cows appear to have escaped from a field somewhere near to Rossett, then proceeded up the bypass towards Wrexham. It is possible a gate was mis-steakenly left open.

They then turned off at Gresford, taking a left up the Llan Y Pwll link road dual cow-ageway, as pictured above by @wrexham twitter follower Colin Price.

Police confirm they have had calls from members of the public detailing the bovine journey from Rossett towards the Gresford roundabout. There was no mention if they were conducting a steak-out.

It has not been confirmed if the cows have a particular beef with anyone, but one passer by who saw them walk past his flank told us they herd loud moosic being played as they sounded their horns.

We have been told after going up the link road they turned right, rather than going the udder way, with one calf going towards the Goulbourne Pub.

Carrying on the animal theme, twitter user @mr_sheep64 sent the above photo of a cow in Borras!
Carrying on the animal theme, twitter user @mr_sheep64 sent the above photo of a cow in Borras!

Christian Bullock (thats his name, not a pun) said on twitter soundly advised people that they “butter not drive that way home”.

Although animals on the road is quite a medium-rare occurrence , in the last 24 hours the bypass has become a farm yard. Just before midnight last night the road was closed temporarily after a horse strayed onto the carriageway. One car did hit the animal, which then ran away. No injuries are reported.

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