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‘Safe Bottle’ Campaign Reaches Downing St

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Dec 18th, 2012.

Wrexham’s MP Ian Lucas has lent his support to a campaigner for safer glass bottle use who presented a petition at 10 Downing Street today.

He joined campaigner Jane Sheriff at Downing Street today. Jane’s husband Phillip was murdered at a gig in London earlier this year after he was attacked with a broken glass bottle.

She set up the Bottle Stop campaign in response. The campaign ran a petition calling for a ban on glass bottles in late night venues, which gained more than 110,000 signatures. Jane presented the petition to Downing Street alongside Marjorie Golding, whose son was left scarred in a bottle attack on Christmas Eve 2004.

Mr Lucas put forward a 10 Minute Rule Bill earlier this year aimed at ensuring bars and clubs with a history of trouble would be made to replace glasses and bottles with safer alternatives. He set up his campaign after a constituent of his was injured in an unprovoked attack in a Wrexham nightclub.

He said “The campaigns relating to replacement of glass bottles are important in highlighting the dangers there are in pubs and clubs. What is important is that the public, the Government, and local authorities realise there is a problem. Since I raised the issue earlier this year, I have been struck by the number of MPs who have raised cases with me which have affected their constituents.

“This is an issue right across Britain- and people affected, from right across Britain, have travelled to Downing Street today to speak out.”

(Pictured: A view down to Wrexham’s night life zone)

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