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Public Meeting Called To Save Tanyfron Community Centre

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jan 23rd, 2014.

A public meeting to discuss options to save the Tanyfron Community Centre will take place on Monday 3rd February. 

The meeting comes as a result of an announcement by the Council Executive Board earlier this month regarding the closure of any community centre’s that do not find an alternative source of funding / management.

The current community association is believed to be too small to take on the management of the centre and they are looking for extra volunteers to help formulate a business plan. On this basis a public meeting is being held at the centre on Monday 3rd February at 6:30pm where anyone is invited to attend to show interest, support or put forward ideas.

A recent deal for a local business to take over the running of the centre after the council pulled funding from community centres, appears to have fallen through.

As a result residents of Tanyfron are being encouraged to attend the meeting and come up with a viable business plan in order to secure Tanyfron community centre’s future.

The centre is used by several groups, including the relaunched luncheon club, but the current level of usage is not sufficient to fund the running of the centre.

Leaflets with information about the meeting are also being distributed around the area regarding the meeting.

Any questions or ideas can be emailed to tanyfroncommunity@gmail.com

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