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Proposed Interior Of Wrexham’s Art & Cultural Hub Revealed

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Sep 9th, 2014.

A public drop in session has revealed images of how Wrexham’s Arts & Cultural Hub could potentially look if plans are accepted.

Last month Wrexham.com reported on the release of an image showing how the Peoples Market could look if proposals are passed to convert the space into an Arts & Cultural Hub.

A consultation and survey have since been launched, inviting members of the public to give their feedback on the proposed Arts & Cultural Hub.

Yesterday and today, drop in sessions have been held at 11 Charles Street for anyone who wishes to have a chat about the proposals for the Peoples Market.

On display at the drop in session are four images of the proposals for the Arts & Cultural Hub, each one detailing how the space in the market would be used.

The first image provides an example of what the interior of the Arts & Cultural Hub could look like. This particular image only shows the ground floor of the hub, but indicates that flexible studio space would take up the bulk of the ground floor.

Along with this office, gallery space and mobile receptions would occupy the ground floor.


Image Two (viewed below) offers an aerial view of proposals, indicating how the space would be filled. The image shows that market traders would no longer occupy the ground floor space to the extent they do now, with studio and gallery space replacing any stalls.

While visiting the drop in session yesterday Wrexham.com queried the future of the market stalls that already trade in the Peoples Market. If the Hub plans are passed it is hoped that the market stalls would be moved to the vacant retail units at the entrances to the market, with some spilling over into the Hub space.


Image three and four show how the roof / top level of the Peoples Market car park would be adapted for the arts and cultural hub – providing a more detailed image than the one that was provided last month.

The images show that the space would be adapted to house a small cafe bar, landscape, artist space and an open air cinema.


As with the interior an aerial view is provided for the roof, showing that the car park would be divided into an upper and lower terrace. The lower terrace would consist of artist gardens and performance / screen space, while the upper terrace would provide cafe and seating space.

One subject raised on the Wrexham.com forums is what would happen to the car parking space above the Peoples’ Market if proposals for the Hub were passed. However it is believed that the majority of the car parking would remain intact, with Wrexham.com told that with amenities such as an open air cinema available, people would need somewhere to park to use the facilities.


For those who fancy popping down to find out some more details and / or want a chat regarding the proposals, then another drop in session will take place at 11 Charles Street until 5pm today.

There is an ongoing debate regarding the proposals taking place on the Wrexham.com Forums. You can take part in the discussion here

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