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Prankster Gives Police Car Parking Ticket

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Aug 21st, 2014.

A police car was hit with a ‘parking ticket’ this morning in the town centre.

We spotted the Penalty Charge Notice attached to the police car parked outside of Barclays just after 11am this morning.

Speaking to Wrexham Council they told us that it was not one issued by one of their enforcement officers, so we assume a prankster has taken on the role of traffic warden and ticketed the car themselves.


The police car is quite a common sight in the area, often parked up we presume to reassure the public rather than responding to incidents.

Inspector Paul Wycherley told us this morning that today the car was parked there as officers were ‘responding to a minor incident in the town centre’.

Inspector Wycherley also confirmed he believed it was a prank.


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