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New Papa John’s takeaway in Wrexham recommended for approval

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Nov 27th, 2017.

One of the world’s largest pizza companies could soon be opening its first Wrexham franchise if planning approval is granted.

Members of Wrexham Council’s planning committee will next week discuss proposals to partially convert the former Carpet Direct Store on Regent Street into a Papa John’s takeaway.

Back in April 2017 Wrexham.com reported that plans for the new franchise had been submitted to Wrexham Council, with planning document stating that permission was being sought to install new signage for five years at the Regent Street property.

The company is known worldwide and already has 250 stores across the UK.

The application, which has been recommended for approval by the head of environment and planning, would also include five parking spaces for customers and staff at the rear car park.

A number of concerns have been raised about the proposed redevelopment of the site, with five letters of objection submitted to Wrexham Council.

Such concerns include vehicle nouse, devaluation of properties, impact of car parking at the neighbouring Caxton Place, public gatherings around the takeaway, litter problems and disturbance late at night.

Local Councillor Marc Jones also raised concerns regarding noise and highway safety.

However in his report, the head of environment and planning addresses such concerns about parking and increased noise in the area, stating: “Regent Street is subject to a traffic regulation order imposing no waiting / no loading at any time.

“The take-away unit initially only had access to 1 space in the car park to the rear but subsequently they have been able to acquire 5 spaces – day time and night time. There are a limited number of 30 minute waiting bays on Caxton Place which are not always available particularly during 0830 – 1730.

“The application includes information on the operation of the business. Whilst a takeaway element is available most orders will be delivered (typically 60% – 70%). Most deliveries take place between 1800 and 2100 hours with post 2100 hours significantly lower. The outlet will be serviced by delivery cars and motorbikes / scooters with a maximum of 6 at any one time though not all vehicles will be on site simultaneously.

“Highways have confirmed that subject to the provision of five spaces for customers and staff day time and night time parking, indiscriminate parking to the front of the property is unlikely given the nature of Regent Street and the signalised junction of Regent Street / Bradley Road and would have no objections.”

The head of environment and planning also notes at the end of the report that “despite the conclusions of the Noise Impact Assessment I propose to impose further restrictions on the opening hours to protect nearby residential properties.”

The report will be considered for approval by members of Wrexham Council’s planning committee on Monday 4th December at 4pm.

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