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The last week has seen some terrible snowy weather hit the area and the latest snowfall totally melted overnight as a warmer front arrived. This meltwater was accompanied with patches of heavy rain, causing flooding in and around the Wrexham area.

Steffan Carter sent us the above picture from Erddig of the scene Andrew Jones described to us as “Incredible amounts of water following in Erddig park, the cup and saucer has turned into a whirlpool”.

Earlier in the day trains were stopped from running between Wrexham General and Shrewsbury due to flooding in Gobowen, with other issues in Buckley causing problems northwards. Between Chester and Crewe a bus service was also provided due to flooding.

flood picture emma f 500x500 Meltwater And Rain Causes Floods Around Wrexham

Emma Furber sent us this picture of the view she woke up to just outside of Wrexham today.

rhian thomas 500x375 Meltwater And Rain Causes Floods Around Wrexham

Rhian Thomas sent this picture from Erddig showing the river in full flow.

When we were around town earlier today Ruthin Road had standing water on it, with various large puddles and collection of water in some dips. Others mentioned on Twitter: