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Man Arrested By Waterworld Toilets For ‘Attacking Officer With Syringe’

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Feb 7th, 2014.

Yesterday we were tweeted the above picture, initially thought to show a drunk being dealt with, however it turns out it was a response to an attack on an officer with a syringe.

The picture was tweeted to the @wrexham twitter account yesterday afternoon showing the police activity, captioned ‘That’s 3 police cars, 2 unmarked police cars and 1 riot van to get 1 drunk out of the toilets”.

This afternoon Inspector Paul Wycherley of North Wales Police tweeted Wrexham.com and the person who took the initial picture & comment saying “The response was entirely appropriate in the circs”

“This was an arrest for indecency, possession of a weapon, attacking an officer with a Syringe, resist arrest and breach of a Court order.”

“He has been charged and held for Court.”

Many people had shown concern that the police reaction was disproportional due to the nature of the believed incident and the closeness of the police station. However, since the further detail this afternoon it is probably fair to say this reaction has been reversed.

No further information is available on the condition of the officer, nor the nature of the attack.

This is the second time in just over two weeks the toilets have seen a large emergency service response. Previously a woman, who sadly later died, was found unconscious in the same toilets and a man was arrested on suspicion of possession and supply of controlled drugs.

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