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Love Locks On Eagles Meadow Bridge

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Sep 12th, 2013.

Over the past few days a number of Eagles Meadow shoppers have noticed some ‘love locks’ attached to the bridge.

Currently there are three locks on the bridge with different names and dates engraved into them.

Known as ‘love locks’ or ‘love padlocks’, they are locked onto a bridge, gate etc to represent the bond between a couple. The keys are then thrown away to symbolise the couples ‘unbreakable love’.

In Paris, Rome and Canada there are several bridges in particular that are used for love locks. The trend of attaching locks to bridges is believed to have started in Europe at the start of the 2000s, and has taken off worldwide ever since. Another theory is that it is an ancient custom that originated from China, where couples lock a padlock or chain onto a gate and throw the key away into the mist valleys.

However one person said that putting the locks on a suspension bridge in Eagles Meadow doesn’t quite have the same impact as locking them to a bridge in Paris.

Of course it might be interesting to see if the trend kicks off in Wrexham and if Eagles Meadow bridge becomes a favourite for love locks. Or if various other bridges around the town start having love locks attached to them.

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