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Labour Split Insight: Cllr Rogers Issues Malcolm King Response

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Sep 3rd, 2014.

In an afternoon of Labour turmoil as ten members resigned their party membership, newly non-affiliated Councillor Rogers has hit back at Labour Councillor King.

Last week Councillor King was axed from his Lead Member role, Mr King then issued a strongly worded reply stating his displeasure at the manner of ‘attacks’ on whistleblowers, and this afternoon ten members of the Labour Party including Councillor Rogers resigned from the party.

The current Council Leader, who today resigned his party membership along with nine others said: “Today I feel compelled to make my position clear following recent press statements by Councillor King.”

“I removed Councillor King’s Portfolio because of his lack of performance in this role and behaviour over many months.

“In particular, his poor attendance at meetings, tardiness and his lack of attention to the detail of his Portfolio.

“His failure to act upon the specific recommendation of the Independent Report, which I commissioned following his allegations against the CAFAT team, was the final straw.

“The content of the 16 allegations made by Councillor King centre on the performance of the team and make no reference to past or current safeguarding issues.

“All of the allegations were deemed unfounded, but despite this Councillor King has refused to respond in a positive way and support the work of the CAFAT team.

Mr Rogers went on to say: “Councillor King now states that he is concerned about the financial pressures upon Children’s Services.

“He has not raised this concern previously.

“Indeed during his time as the Lead Member for Finance never in private or public did he raise this concern. In fact he sought, in private and in public, to take every opportunity to demand further financial cuts within Children’s Services.”

“Finally, in Councillor King’s report to me the word “whistleblowing” was not used. He made no reference to this word or this legitimate process. I find it incredible that he is suddenly raising the idea that he is “whistleblowing” to detract from his own poor performance and behaviour as a Lead Member”

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