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Grim Video Of Shop Spitting

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Sep 19th, 2012.

Cliff Ottley-Thistlethwaite, owner of InkXperts on Yorke Street invited Wrexham.com to view CCTV footage of a man spitting on his window. This has occurred several times now, and in the video a man is seen around 7pm on Monday and Tuesday this week doing the same thing.

Cliff told us he has notified a PCSO, plus emailed the police and CCTV operators about the problem.

Cliff said “Why is he spitting on the window, why is he picking on me?”

Unrelated, but another example of anti social behaviour in town this evening we were tweeted:

Taking a walk up into town it didnt take long to find a few of the eggs strewn around:

Crimelink was notified and CCTV cameras did seem to be moving to try and find who was responsible.

Earlier today we wrote about the police’s latest release of mug shots from CCTV relating to shop lifting in town – you can view the ‘rouges gallery’ by clicking here.

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