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Glyndwr University Redundancies Confirmed

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Aug 28th, 2014.

Glyndwr has confirmed there will be ten compulsory redundancies made at the university. This is down from a predicted sixty, with fifty members of staff have already accepting voluntary redundancy.

Back in February we reported that up to 60 members of university staff faced compulsory redundancy, however a statement released today by Glyndwr claims that the number of compulsory redundancies has been reduced to ten.

However it is reported that 50 members of staff have already taken voluntary redundancy as part of the ongoing shake-up at the university.

It is believed that several members of staff received letters for redundancy on Wednesday.

Following the news, UCU Glyndwr (The Glyndwr University & College Union – not the University itself) said: “We understand that some of our at-risk members have received letters of compulsory redundancy today. If you have received a letter, please get in touch with a member of the UCU branch committee as soon as possible.”

When we spoke to Glyndwr yesterday regarding the news, there was no comment available. However they have since released a statement regarding the redundancies.

A spokesperson for Glyndwr University said today: “On 12 February 2014, Glyndwr University filed notice of 60 proposed compulsory redundancies reflecting a strategic realignment of its resources to enable it to be better placed to embrace the challenges of a rapidly changing Higher Education environment.

“At the outset, the University’s Board of Governors and Vice Chancellor gave a commitment to explore all viable options for minimising or avoiding compulsory redundancies where possible. The University is satisfied that it has honoured that commitment and this is evidenced by the fact that the number of proposed compulsory redundancies has now been reduced to 10.

“Efforts to reduce further that number through alternative employment and voluntary severance continue in respect of those 10 roles.

“The University sector faces many challenges going forward, but Glyndwr is confident, having realigned its organisational structure, of being able to meet those challenges with the continued support of all colleagues. Our principal focus now is ensuring that the University maintains and continues to improve upon its excellent reputation for the delivery of education and training to its students.”

However the UCU Glyndwr Branch have said they are ‘appalled’ that the university has issued notices of compulsory redundancy to its staff.

Back in February, UCU Glyndwr took a vote of no confidence in Vice-Chancellor Michael Scott and have been in official dispute with the university since May.

A spokesperson for Glyndwr UCU told Wrexham.com: “Although the University states that the number of staff being made compulsorily redundant has reduced to 10, UCU believes that the university’s original staff reduction target of 60 has already been achieved with over 50 staff agreeing voluntary severance packages and other members of staff leaving the university to take up posts elsewhere.

“The University’s reputation has already been damaged by the restructuring process and loss of staff with the recent National Student Survey indicating that overall satisfaction at Glyndŵr has dropped by 4%. The university now has the lowest student satisfaction rate in Wales.

“UCU is deeply concerned that additional redundancies, on top of the staff who have already left, will have a substantial and negative impact on the student experience and further damage the University’s ability to meet staffing requirements moving forward into the new academic year, and overall viability.

“UCU Glyndwr has offered to work constructively with the University’s management if the threat of compulsory redundancies is lifted and this offer has been rejected. UCU advised the University that if compulsory redundancy notices were issued, the current dispute would be maintained and that it would escalate. This remains the Union’s position and we are requesting an immediate withdrawal of the redundancy notices.”

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