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Free parking in ALL council car parks in town centre begins this week!

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Nov 29th, 2017.

A month-long free parking initiative in all council operated car parks in the town centre begins this week.

Following on from last year’s successful initiative, it will be free to park in all council-owned car parks from Friday December 1st until Sunday December 31st.

Although parking will be free, last year there was some confusion over how long visitors could park for free, with some issued with parking tickets. As a result it has been made clearer this year that time restrictions will be in place in each individual car parks. For example, if you park in a short-stay car park (eg. Library Car Park), bear in mind that while you won’t have to pay anything, you’ll still be subject to the maximum times.

A list of all long stay and short stay council operated car parks in the town centre can be found below:

– Crescent Road: two hours and over parking available
– Guildhall (Saturdays and Sundays only): two hours maximum
– Library: two hours maximum
– Market Street: two hours maximum
– Peoples Market: Levels 1/1a – maximum stay two hours. Levels 2 / 2a / 3 / 3a / 4 / 4a – over two hours
– St George’s Crescent: two hours maximum
– St Giles: two hours maximum
– Waterworld: over three hours available

Note – it’s only council car parks that are free, so don’t try it in private ones such as Eagles Meadow and Island Green!

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