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Danny Gruff’s Last Christmas

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Dec 16th, 2012.

This might sound like a morbid headline – but no, its not his last Christmas in that sense, its Danny Gruff singing a cover of Wham’s Last Christmas with the music video set in and around Wrexham!

Wrexham.com asked him some quick questions about the new release…

Why Do A Christmas Video?

I did one last year for a Shakin’ Stevens cover, and it just made me happy that other people were saying how it got them in the festive spirit. There was a point this year when I thought I wasn’t going to to do another one. But my friend who films and I had a day off, and it seemed right to drive down to Wrexham and film it where the first one was.

And basically, Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love the christmas spirit, so that’s what I wanted to come across. Hopefully see it as the over exaggerated cheese fest that it is rather than think I’m trying to take my self my self too seriously!

Why Last Christmas?

My friend Sam who appears in the video is a big Wham/George Michael fan and kept joking that I should do the cover. He’s also the guitarist in my band ‘Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers’, and he has to play the song, so it’s a little Christmas present to him as well. It also fit in really well with the premise of the video. We were originally going to do All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey until the actual day of recording the track!

Why Wrexham?

Wrexham’s my hometown. I don’t currently live there, but I still visit frequently to do gigs and such like. A few of my friends from Wrexham wanted to be in the video as well so it made sense. I could also get away with alot more Wrexham than I could in Liverpool as I’m more comfortable there. For example, the scene inside Santa’s Grotto happened because the girl on the door there was a friend of someone who was in the video! It just fell into place perfectly! People in Wrexham are very welcoming and help me do what I want when they can, and I appreciate that.

Danny Gruff can be found on twitter here , or his youtube channel for more music – here.

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