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Council Kicks Jillings Report Release Decision Into 2013

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Dec 20th, 2012.

Wrexham.com has been told that the fate of our FOI request for the release of the Jillings Report into North Wales child abuse – previously thought to be pulped with no copies existing – will not be decided until the new year.

We were previously told on December 7th the decision was ‘taking longer than anticipated’ yet would only be around two weeks away. Two weeks would be tomorrow, Friday 21st of December.

Tonight we were told “The Council is still in the process of considering advice and it is anticipated that this will take until 31 January 2013.”

No extra comment was provided why this added delay is taking place.

If it does take until the 31st of January it will be a whopping 80 days turn around time from the initial request. The usual response time is meant to be 20 days, with a statutory instrument invocation taking it up to 60 days in very rare circumstances.

Previously: We report that the Jillings report has been found, a day later we reveal Wrexham Council has a copy, on December 6th our first FOI is replied to, and on Monday we wrote about how 105 people have made allegations including new allegations.

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