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Community Centre To Be Replaced With Apartments

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, May 29th, 2014.

A derelict community centre in Brymbo looks set to be demolished and replaced with housing.

Proposals to demolish Venture Hall at Ael-Y-Bryn, Brynyffynon and build apartments on the site are set to be granted by a Planning Committee on Monday evening.

Back in March we reported that proposals to demolish the centre and erect four one bedroom apartments in its place had been submitted to Wrexham Council.

The proposals include a single building facing Ael y Bryn, as well as a footpath and a re-alignment of the junction. Parking facilities will also be provided for the apartments.

In the applications Design and Access Statement it says that: “To concur with the National Planning Policy and the Unitary Development Plan, the scheme has attempted to:

– Make efficient use of the land which is a facility no longer in use.
– Protect the amenities of the surrounding residents.
– Enhance the visual impact of the site.
– Improve the existing footpath on Ael-Y-Bryn, provide a new footpath on Brynyffynon Road.

The site itself lies on the inside of a corner formed by the roads of Ael y Bryn and Brynffynnon Road. The area is opposite to residential properties, a small public car park and a school.

Due to this, the Design and Application says that the roofs, guttering and tiles will match those that are already in existence. Along with this there would be a communal entrance to the flats on the first floor.

The report notes that seven neighbours had been notified of the proposals, with one resident raising a number of concerns about the development, including restricted access to the nearby Newholme Villa. Along with this there are concerns that the windows of the new building will ‘have a direct view into bedrooms at 1 Newholme Villa.’

However the demolition of the community hall was not objected to.

As as result of the concerns raised by residents, the report states: “As a result the main amenity impact is limited to first floor windows within the new building, and it will be important for the first floor kitchen and bathrooms (of the nearest windows) to be fitted with obscure glazing.”

A full copy of the report can be found on the Council website here.

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