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New Avenue of Trees to Crematorium

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Sep 23rd, 2012.

Trees along the road leading to Wrexham’s crematorium are to be replaced over the next two years to ensure the landscape in this area continues to be attractive for all who use it.

Since 2007 works have taken place to remove trees suffering from a canker disease and decay due to storm damage. The avenue of trees now has large gaps in it and those remaining have continued to deteriorate and pose a danger to those who travel along the route.

A two year phased removal will take place of the remaining trees beginning this year with new trees being planted this winter.

Cllr Bob Dutton, Lead Member for the Environment, said:

“The council will not normally remove trees unless it is essential for the good of the environment or for important safety reasons. The new tree planting in this area will however ensure that the avenue of trees will continue to be a feature along this route and will soon establish itself for future generations.”

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