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Aur Pur/Pure Gold Library Prize

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Oct 31st, 2012.

Libraries across North Wales have launched their annual Aur Pur/Pure Gold prize to introduce readers to the good reads available at local libraries.

Librarians from Estyn Allan y Gogledd, the reader development network, have chosen twelve recently published books which are all connected to Wales and they are inviting readers to read this rich seam of writing and pan for their favourite.

The authors of the Welsh and English books which are read the most will be presented with a prestigious Aur Pur award. The promotion will run in Wrexham’s libraries from October until the end of December.

The aim of the promotion is to show the wide range of stimulating books available free of charge for readers in libraries in Wales.

“Welsh gold is valuable, rare, and alluring”, said Dylan Hughes, Libraries Officer from Wrexham Library Service. “The rich seam of imagination is much easier to mine, and readers can find it at their local library. We’ve chosen twelve books, six in English and six in Welsh, which are all connected to Wales but which take you to many different places. Whatever your reading taste, there’ll be something here to entertain, challenge and enrich everyone.”

The 12 books in the Aur Pur/Pure Gold promotion are:

Random walk – Alexandra Clare
The crowd’s tale – Vanessa Gebbie
Liar dice – Rebecca Gethin
Owain Glyndwr – Peter Gordon Williams
The book of idiots – Christopher Meredith
Thoughts and happenings of Wilfred Price, purveyor of superior funerals – Wendy Jones

Y daith – Lloyd Jones
Dyn pob un – Euron Griffith
Pwll Ynfyd – Alun Cob
Min y môr – Mared Lewis
Y ty ger y treath – Gareth F Williams
Kate Roberts a’r Ystlum – a dirgelion eraill – Mihangel Morgan

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