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Drains, Lines and Signs

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Sep 11th, 2012.

Underneath the bridge leading from Yorke Street to the Eagles Meadow shopping centre is a blocked drain which is now so full its overflowing. On Saturday when temperatures soared the stench was overwhelming for those walking past. Comments extended to twitter over the weekend with people complaining about smells in that area.

A close up of the drain.

The drain is so full that the grid on top is not sat flush and raised up. One local who spotted us taking this snap told us they had seen a ‘drain company’ nearby over the weekend. As we took pictures a car drove over it which splashed liquid which smelt of sewage onto the pavement and road.

Within a couple of metres of the dodgy drain is a shiny new sign post – without a sign.

The road to Yorke Street from the view in the picture at the top of this article is one way, towards Eagles Meadow. There ought to be two ‘No Entry’ signs indicating this however only one exists pointing towards the Salop Road end of Eagles Meadow. The new signpost is in place however we are told no sign has ever been put up on it.


Yellow lines on the right hand side, recently patched, but none on the left.

Further up from the dodgy drain and non existent road sign is a short length of road which has recently had two lots of roadworks completed on it. However, only one set of works have replaced the double yellow lines correctly.

On the plus side we believe that as the yellow lines are not ‘squared off’ correctly and do not continue down the street there is possibly some cheeky free parking available on the corner – however the two yellow lines on the pavement indicate ‘no loading or unloading at anytime’ however you are free to to ‘stop while passengers alight or board’. You can read the highway code here to make your own mind up!

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