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Wrexham Markets – The Survey!

Wrexham Council have been in touch with Wrexham.com to see if we can encourage people to take part in a survey they are running to gather information on peoples usage of the towns markets. The council are ‘seeking to invest in the long term future of the markets’ with a view to putting in place a five year plan.

Rob Clarke of Mad4Movies (any DVD you need – go and ask him!) in the Butchers Market and chairman of the Butchers Market Traders Federation welcomed news of the survey telling us “Its great the council are looking to raise the profile of the markets and listen to consumer feedback“.

The survey is being carried out online or face to face via interviews in the town or fill in forms at any council building in the town centre eg. Library , Waterworld or the Contact Centre. Surveyors will be completing the forms at Queens Square and at Eagles Meadow on 15 June, 21 June, 26 June and 2 July to help members of the public complete the form.

There is also a £50 prize draw as an incentive to get people answering!

Wrexham.com will be meeting with the Council to discuss, and hopefully be allowed to publish, the results and what the Council will then do as a result of them.

To access the councils online survey click here: Survey Closed

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