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    Travis Bickle

    @wrecsam_lad 15414 wrote:

    I understand that the Royal Mail employees safety is paramount, but I feel we are all being punished for someone else’s crime.
    Why can’t they just deliver the mail to the local post office?
    There are a lot of residents over 80 yrs old and most are disabled and as you can’t park at the sorting office they have a problem collecting their mail.

    In the letter from the Royal Male that they delivered it says to take a driving licence or passport as ID non of which I have, so how do I get my mail? All my utility bills are paid by direct debit I stopped all paper bills and such..

    Who IS this Royal Male?

    in reply to: Drink and drug abuse around the town #69508

    Travis Bickle

    Two certain individuals have probably cost hundreds of thousands of pounds between them in terms of rehab, court costs, imprisonment and social workers – yet BOTH these middle aged Men “continue” to harass passers-by for spare change etc. Obviously they don’t WANT the proper help.

    in reply to: Drink and drug abuse around the town #69507

    Travis Bickle

    What is the latin for “any spare change?”
    Maybe it could be adopted as the towns motto?

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    Travis Bickle

    Mike Burgess.

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