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    @thewayneinspain 8761 wrote:

    Out of interest…

    Has anyone found out if the police are logging the complaints and the crimes e.g. the daily mail-s alleged criminal damage.

    Wayne, are you mistaking the damage allegedly done to a section of Offa’s Dyke by travellers at Pontcysyllte

    Offa’s Dyke: ‘Travellers’ flatten 50 yards of 8th century monument with a bulldozer | Mail Online

    with the encampment by Travellers at the Alyn Waters Country Park nestled between, Llay/Gwersyllt etc?

    The Leader ran a story on the Offa’s Dyke demolition, as did the Daily Post. All articles are the same, although the Leaders’ is unavailable online for some unknown reason.

    Investigation launched into possible damage to Offa's Dyke ancient monument – North Wales Weekly News

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    Unfortunately, it might take longer to remove The Travellers from Alyn Waters than Joe Public might expect.
    I’ve had to copy & paste the answers to ensure accuracy:-

    First of all…
    The Council must..
    Show that the Gypsies/Travellers are on the land without consent
    Make enquiries regarding the general health and welfare of the group and children’s education
    Ensure that the Human Rights Act 1998 has been fully complied with
    Follow a set procedure which involves proving ownership of the land, giving details of the illegal encampment, serving notices and summonses in order to successfully obtain a court order to evict the travellers from the site
    Encampments on council land have to be dealt with as a civil matter. The police will only take action if serious criminal activity, public disorder or disruption to the local community takes place.

    Q. How long will it take for the Travellers to be removed?

    This will depend on the circumstances of each individual case. The council needs to take account of the above issues as well as how soon they can obtain a County Court hearing date.

    When can the Council move them on?
    If gypsies/travellers are camped on council land, the Council can recover possession of their land by using a County Court Order, if their land is occupied without their consent.
    If the gypsies/travellers are on Wrexham Borough Council land and are causing problems they will be moved on as soon as is possible and reasonable. The Council will consider each case on its merits. In all cases the site is visited and every effort made to make sure that the gypsies/travellers keep the site tidy and do not cause public health problems.

    It is a minefield. The travellers have their own specialised solicitors at hand on the end of a mobile phone….

    A few people might be familiar with the mess and clean-up operation required after the Maesgwyn Fields in Wrexham were invaded 2-years ago. Early indications, based on peoples’ tweets on, suggest that a similar clean-up operation will be required at Alyn Waters. After all, no traveller uses the bathroom in his trailer as a bathroom. It is used as storage and they consider using the toilet as ‘un-healthy’ in their trailer.
    This will cost the taxpayer a lot of money for the clean-up.

    The Council will have to protect their land with better security measures (bollards etc) in future

    So begins the long-winded court action against the Travellers at Alyn Waters Country Park :mad:

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    Perhaps they’ve ‘travelled’ in the last few hours Rob? Before the festival a group of them were on the Industrial Estate. Their kids throwing stones at passing vehicles.


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    Can’t the Council not also sort out the historical problems of flash-flooding on the left lane of the Plas Coch roundabout or Stansty bridge every time we have heavy rain?
    What are the taxpayers getting for their money?
    If it’s a problem with drainage, then get in specialists for the job?

    The Council wants us to become a City – and pay higher rates.. Let’s see them deal with town problems first.

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    @steve 8608 wrote:

    For anyone who is interested you can pay yourself for Driving and Riding test with the IAM

    I did both Driving and Riding tests a few years ago now and I am still a member of the IAM, it is very useful, however it is still helpful if overgrown roundabouts are maintained allowing you a clearer view of the junctions…..

    that’s all very nice & good. Well done.

    But we’re talking about basics here. Other posters have pointed out that the bushes on the said roundabout turn it into a ‘blind spot’.
    Also, there are no visible lane markings on the road in question.
    You can be an ‘advanced driver’, James Bonds’ stunt replacement, whatever, but the facts remain the same.

    No road markings
    Bushes on roundabout present a blind spot & driving hazard.

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    @darlofan 8586 wrote:

    Have to agree with BenjaminM here. Its more to do with reading the road than the shrubbery. I’ve not noticed any issues during regular use of these roundabouts apart from others being in the wrong lanes and not reading signs. Most of the problem is caused as stated by others by other motorists driving at speed into roundabouts.

    BTW all this I’ve been driving donkeys years without a bump is nonsense.My mum has been on the road 50years and nobody would wish to sit as a passenger in her car; she causes mayhem all around her!!”

    ‘Reading the road’?

    You are having a laugh aren’t you? How TF do you read the road when you’re in the correct lane and a vehicle on your left-hand side is weaving all over the place when there’s no road markings on one of the busiest roundabouts in the county?
    There are no road markings on the Sainsbury’s petrol roundabout.
    How and why do I have to ‘read the road’ if I’m indicating right, I’m in the right hand lane, and very aware that people in the left-hand lane are suspect to encroaching into my lane?

    If you are doing everything correctly, why do you have to put up with bad drivers who don’t help matters by dangerously ‘crossing paths’ with you on a busy road with no visible markings on a busy piece of road?

    Rob (admin), ask Wrexham Council why there’s no road markings on one of the towns’ busiest roundabouts please. And also ask ’em to cut down their Magic Roundabout which is an obvious driving hazard.

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    I’ve drawn a picture to make it easier for you to grasp.

    I’m in the right hand lane, and a car in the left hand lane is dangerously driving over the lane division.


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    @benjaminm 8566 wrote:

    Well Simon, you can’t blame walls, bushes or whatever for the situation you refer to in the post above.
    As I stated before, bad driving.
    I think you have inadvertently supported my statements despite me being a ‘self righteous git’ (in your words).

    How can I be in the wrong if I’m in the right lane, hugging the roundabout curb for safety, because I am aware of bad driving from drivers in the left lane?
    I think this is a pure and simple case BenjaminM spitting the dummy because other posters have told him he’s wrong.

    Grow up you fool.

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    The roundabout is also very dangerous approaching it from the other direction. I’m usually in the right hand lane to turn right for DW Sports/Aldi etc on the Plas Coch Retail Park.
    I’d be a wealthy man if I was paid £1 for every time a motorist in the left hand lane has encroached partly into my lane when they are travelling to Sainsburys. Near miss after near-miss! I haven’t noticed any road markings on the roundabout? If there are any, then they have faded beyond recognition.
    I find myself driving really slow in the right-hand lane and ‘hugging’ the my side of the roundabout.
    Again, test it yourselves! :)

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    @benjaminm 8542 wrote:

    No, I do not have the ability to see through walls (?) and bushes but what I do possess is the ability to ‘read the road’.
    And yes, it has everything to do with driving skills and ability which has been clearly demonstrated on various posts of late. For example, Gresford roundabout, Mold Rd, Salop Rd to name but three.
    Goodness knows how some people would cope with motorways or city driving.
    All that I read seems to blame the Highways Department, perhaps some need to look a little closer to home.

    You self-righteous git.
    I’ve been driving 28-years without a bump in the car. I’d ask anyone reading this thread to approach the roundabout in question from the Sainsbury petrol station and give an honest evaluation of the bushes obstructing the motorists view.

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