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    Yes, I’ll take your suggestions onboard, but sadly I fear it’ll get brushed under the carpet and it’ll just go away for them, as they always do.
    Personally, I wouldn’t risk a hedge in their care if going on their past performances are anything to go by. It’s a pity naming , shaming and the truth is frowned upon in today’s society. Thanks for the input.

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    Firstly, you’ll be glad to know I’m the grandparent of a child that’s been taken off the natural parents under emergency measures. I’m assisting in getting the child placed in a safe house within the family. Yet, I’ve been forced to give out private information although it was never required it seems, according to a telephone conversation today with a senior manager.
    Theres a lot more to it, but I’ve been falsely informed that if I didnt submit confidential information, my grandchild would be taken into care.
    I’m pretty sure I have a case against 3 members of staff who colluded in misrepresenting their case in an ‘unofficial’ meeting.

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    Having read all this thread and seen the litter officers in action in Wrexham town centre, I’m curious regarding why haven’t local Mp’s have not been prosecuted for flytipping due to the fact that before the recent local elections, thousands of posters were placed in your communities to drum up support, and they’re still there!

    Surely with a name and / or address on a bit of litter can prove their guilt, a full on smug photograph, full governmental title and contact details.

    Surely this is grounds for a flytipping prosecution?

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    I’ll let you into a little secret. It will fail, it will fail badly.
    The politicians and dignitaries will have they’re opening day photo shoot, this will encompass a lot of patting of backs, bubbly sipping and general lardy Dar-ness. It’ll closey be followed by a promotion of reduced rates, then a public outcry as more local services are cut whilst the Wrexham public are ‘taxed’ too fund this now embarrassing wart.

    I’m no mystic meg, but the above ain’t that far out.

    And before the pros start bleating about the negativity of this post.

    Ask yourself, what ultimately creates a town or city centre? Shops.

    Wrexham can’t even promote what empty shops we have. It doesn’t inspire confidence at all.

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    Sadly, I confess, I’d love to support my local well stocked shop.
    In an ideal world, wrexham could provide x2 of everything, the reality is, you’ll be hard pushed to find a single ‘decent’ supplier of a certain type of product, because of this, they really don’t give a hoot. They’re not competing with the other shop so they can afford to up their price and offer a lousy service. Their monopoly allows them this luxury.

    Prove it yourself. Shops in the town centre with a direct competition offers better value and customer service than solitary shops.

    Try out the theory, I have, and it’s true.

    Therefore, most of my purchases and pennies are spent via PayPal.

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    You maybe surprised that halfords have some good offers on occasionally and local motor factors aren’t very helpful when your after a set of carbon forks for your mountain bike.

    Digressing a little, I find the majority of motor part suppliers in Wrexham to be……… Not what they used to be either.

    Ex car mechanics made great car part salesmen. Ex Facebook and xbox one players sadly don’t.

    This maybe another contributing factor why high Street shops are on the decline.

    Poorly trained staff motivated by sales and commission alone! I have come across this recently in Wrexham too.

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    Some very interesting views coming through, thanks.
    Can Wrexham retailers compete with such silly local high Street trader policies?
    Not anymore, customer loyalty has gone. Gone from the high street, insurance company, mortgage provider, utility providers. Customers Penny pinching is king.
    I have always given local traders the opportunity to supply me goods, but sadly, when I go into town and a product I request has a markup of 100,200,300% than eBay, Amazon etc. I walk away.
    A final note too broaden the debate.
    If I require a product & I can predict that I’ll need it in a month, I’ll buy it from China via any of the above aformentioned services for pennies.

    Just like local retail traders are doing.

    Nowadays, the internet allows Joe bloggs to go almost to the supplier.

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    Your right zinger regarding money, they supposedly didn’t create enough funds from the existing 500 house development, so why should we believe 70 extra houses (as per planning application) is going to do it !
    The trouble is, the WCBC messed up initially when they didn’t insist on the spine road being built years ago, so now, they’re clutching at very trusting, feeble straws.
    I hope for everyone’s sake it comes off with no funding from the WCBC in the long run, but, if the spine road is to be built, I cannot see that happening. Everyone will have to pay ultimately.
    The only spine in this whole saga is contained within the documentation, there’s none anywhere else!

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    The BDL sells the land with detailed planning permission to a developer / builder. They then build the houses. The BDL must complete the spine road before 80% occupancy.

    Interestingly, in a WCBC question & answer session on Twitter yesterday, a cllr speaking about Schools & education told the public that the new Brymbo estate school would be a diocese funded faith establishment, with an unknown timescale to it’s building.

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    Zinger, actually on the evening of the planning application going before the committee at the guildhall. One of the members proposed that the spine road was built before a brick was laid on the application site.
    That would be a sensible option.
    But after the head planning officer, David Williams defiantly saying the BDL had no money to build it, I’m afraid it was voted against, therefore they let the original application go ahead and passed it anyway.

    Welsh Dresser, the WCBC’s solicitor (present at the planning meeting) had drawn up a bond, an insurance policy between the BDL & WCBC which ensures funds for the completion of the spine road in the future should anything go wrong.
    When such a document has the basic flaw of it not even being index linked (this is just a single flaw of many in my opinion), you tend to not have faith in such an arrangement.
    But, if you listen to the cllrs, it will never come into effect, the spine road will be made without a hiccup.

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