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    I am a frustrated employee and find myself in a very stressful situation with Wrexham Council at present. HR and my manager decided that as I couldn’t carry out my full duties, I HAD to go on sick leave, despite my health problem/impairment being covered under the Equality Act 2010. I told them I wanted to work but their response was there was nothing they could find me! Ridiculous, considering my previous and varied jobs, not forgetting the fact that the Council is a large organisation. I even offered to reduce my hours. I am now stuck at home, waiting for meetings to take place and not knowing where or when all of this is going to end, whilst being paid. My sick record will be sky-high which is bound to go against me when I apply for alternative work. I’m having sleepless nights due to the uncertainty of my future and the unfairness of it all. Another tribunal case?

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