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    Thanks Rob that’s cleared that up.
    At least I know what the Town Centre Manager looks like now.

    You may delete my post if you wish.

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    Is there any way of finding out the name of consultants advising WMBC regarding Plas Madoc / Waterworld and also finding out if the same consultants advised Blaenau Gwent Council to close Nantyglo Sports Centre ?

    Is information available whether WMBC pay any consultancy fees to Isotoro.co.uk ?

    Has anybody queried the opinion of Wrexham Town Centre Manager Isobel Garner on the closure of Nantyglo given her role as an Education Commissioner at Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council ?
    Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council – Commissioners

    ” In addition to working as Education Commissioner at Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, Isobel now has a portfolio career working as an Associate of Public Services through her company Isotoro Ltd where she advises and assists organisations committed to improving Public Services. “

    Reading today on Wrexham.com that Plas Madoc Leisure Centre could be thrown a lifeline it struck me that given her expertise and experience it could be worth trying to gain the support of Isobel Garner to help save Plas Madoc from suffering the fate of Nantyglo.

    Can we ask for the help, guidance and support from this highly valued local stalwart.
    At least find out whether or not she supports trying to keep PMLC open ?

    Her role as Town Centre Manager may have no remit regarding Waterworld etc but it must be worth having her support at the council given the testimonials on the Isotoro website.

    “We owe you a debt of gratitude for the leading role you took in developing and leading the collaboration agenda including the promotion and delivery of local authority shared services and service integration across organisational boundaries.”

    Chair of the North Wales Regional Leadership Board

    “I’ve watched you tackle daunting problems with skill and determination. The secret of your success is daring to be different.”

    Chief Officer, Local Authority

    “Your involvement, drive and enthusiasm for collaborative work has been instrumental in moving things forward, challenging pre-conceptions and opening minds.”

    Director of Education

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and value your commitment to transparent and open communication. You don’t shy away from the difficult issues and are happy to work with us to tell the story as it is.”

    Communications Manager

    “One of your greatest attributes is your ability to distil large quantities of information in order to identify the crux of any issue.”

    Chief Officer, Wrexham County Borough Council

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    Apologies to BenjaminM and jimbow.
    I have just realised I don’t know how to edit posts on here once submitted.

    99DylanJones your posts are always very interesting.

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    @jimbow 11964 wrote:

    @BenjaminM 11961 wrote:

    I do not hear of any other authority in Wales closing down Leisure activities.

    Blaenau Gwent Council closed Nantyglo Community Leisure.
    Talks are ongoing to set up a community transfer, which could see the leisure centre partly run by volunteers.

    Looking at whats happening at Denbighshire Council with regard to their aborted attempt at taking over the Rhyl Sun Centre etc from Clwyd Leisure, it appears the council balked at the running costs and failed to proceed.
    Denbighshire Council officials also want to meet the Welsh government to “explore support for a special partnership approach to the coastal regeneration “.

    Have WMBC plans to meet the WAG to explore support for a similar partnership for Plas Madoc and Waterworld ?

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    Cardiff and Pembroke may well be increasing by 5%, that’s not to say Wrexham are particulary efficient by raising less.
    If we look a little closer to home Cheshire West & Chester Council have approved a 2 year freeze on council tax as they are ” conscious of the need to ensure increases in council tax do not increase financial pressures on local residents “.

    Comparing Band D rates Wrexham council state they are 13th lowest in England & Wales.
    Lets keep it so, or preferably aim to be lower still.

    Wrexham has many deprived areas where residents simply cannot afford ever increasing council tax.
    Every time you walk around the town it seems another business has closed often caused partly by high business rates.

    No mistake, Wrexham Council has a fiendishly difficult task balancing its budget, with ever decreasing sums from Central and Welsh Government.
    Mergers with neighbouring counties may help, but only if priority is given to a top down restructure not simply cutting the lowest paid service workers.

    The WAG itself is not beyond criticism, they cut the money to local councils, resulting in leisure facilities such as Plas Madoc being closed, whilst at the same time funding £170m Help2Buy shared equity loan scheme.
    This money alone is redirecting much needed social funding from such as Plas Madoc to allow private individuals to borrow up to £60k which they may or not repay, to buy a £300,000 private house.
    The WAG should not be on the hook for these loans but should instead concentrate on ensuring facilities which benefit the health of local communities remain open.

    I hope for a council tax freeze in Wrexham.

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    @jimbow 11753 wrote:

    I firmly believe that if you take away most of the so called meetings in WCBC ,then a third of the staff would not have a job.

    The Wrexham.com piece referring to a proposed Parking Refund Scheme recently discussing a sum of £13k, mentioned that this money was not available and would have to come from elsewhere, such as adult social care or child welfare.
    WCBC is obviously a very tightly run ship if the first place to look at cutting spending to fund a parking scheme would be these.
    So the suggestion that staff at meetings are there for little or no purpose must be wrong, otherwise Wrexham could consider following Birmingham or Flintshire councils, to cut staff and reduce wages and benefits etc.

    With every year money from Westminster and from WAG down, what is the way forward ?
    At the recent Plas Madoc Leisure Centre meeting somebody shouted we don’t need a Mayor.
    It could be there are other roles that similarly are redundant ?

    Would the people of Wrexham prefer to pay higher council tax, despite reduced services and facilities to protect WCBC staff, or rather a reorganisation to lower staff costs, leaving more to spend on other things.

    I suspect the leaders of WCBC already know the answer.

    ” However Cllr Rogers pointed out the scale of the cuts the council face over the next three years.
    Cllr Rogers said: “This year we have to save in the region of £13m, that figure will go up next year and more the year after. That is the scale of what we are dealing with. If we want to spend £13,000 on this scheme the money would have to come from somewhere else, such as adult social care or child welfare.”

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    I support trying to keep facilities at Plas Madoc, whilst recognising it either needs a subsidy from the Council, or the WAG, or for some other solution.
    However I would most definitely not want to be associated with this petition as it is both rather crass and pointlessly spiteful.
    Malcolm King deserves his OBE.

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    Having reached more or less a firm view about how to use ASDA roundabout perhaps we could broaden the thread a little to talk about TESCO roundabout.
    Every day we approach TESCO roundabout in the right hand lane intending to drive towards Marchwiel.
    It is quite common for drivers coming from Sleepy Panda direction to drive around the roundabout without indicating at all but then to indicate their intention to leave the roundabout to travel along Holt Road.
    Now, if they didn’t indicate at all I could understand but to turn right around the roundabout, in front of waiting motorists waiting to proceed ahead, then to signal to go down Holt Road seems a bit odd.
    Some drivers don’t bother indicating, we get that, but the ones that don’t indicate to go around but do indicate to exit, what are they thinking ?
    There’s one silvery Vauxhall Astra that we often cross paths with around 6pm that does this every time we see them. Tonight included, which caused the driver in the left lane at the side of me to skid to a halt abruptly, hence my concern.
    Is it something new in the Highway Code ?

    A little further along as we drive in the right land lane passing Mecca we often see cars happily overtaking us in the left hand lane then at the last minute attempting to take the right lane to cross the roundabout by Eagles Meadow Penalty Fine Collection Bays ( Car Park shrug ) entrance. If nobody lets them in they simply drive along to the left of the cars in the queue and its pot luck whether anybody turns towards Derby Hill correctly from the right lane as marked, without an impact.
    How entertaining if one has that frame of mind, just hopefully nobody will be hurt because of it.

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    Do many park at Eagles Meadow ?
    Surely it means Nationwide customers will have further to walk from the town centre.
    DO NOT PARK AT EAGLES MEADOW – Eagles Meadow, Wrexham Traveller Reviews – TripAdvisor

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    Greenpeace seem to think existing laws against trespass may at least be used to delay horizontal drilling without land owners permission.
    The Guardian had an interesting story about Mohamed al-Fayed’s legal action against Energy Uk which referenced the gist.
    I’m against fracking and concerned the water supply will become contaminated.
    Fracking faces challenge from Lancashire farmer and Greenpeace | Environment | theguardian.com

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