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    Council Watcher

    Yet again the BBC have pulled out photographs of scenes in Wrexham Bus Station and King Street that are now three years old in order to portray an image of the town that is the drug capital of Wales.

    It looks good to see that there is a ‘new’ initiative of organisations working together to finding a solution for individuals — surely they should have been doing this already why does it need a new initiative.

    It’s about time that those in charge of budgets started looking closely at where the funding is going and who if anyone is really making a difference. With £1000’s being spent every year with little effective results the 19 people referred to on the BBC programme is very low and reflects a cost of 100 or 1000 of £ to actually get engagement and then through a detox.

    There is also very little sign in Wrexham of preventative services being available to engage with young people to steer them away from the harmful effects of substance abuse.



    It’s quite shocking really…

    Link to article if anyone is interested


    90 high profile addicts that are a persistent nuisance in town that have been profiled.

    I wonder how many others are about the town not documented.


    Council Watcher

    90 profiled but only 19 through detox – is that good or bad



    At least this is a “positive story” about the innovative way we are dealing with a nationwide problem. It’s a shame that we have to prioritise only the worst ones for the programme instead of all 90 though.



    Had to call in to town this morning to pick up a passport form, first time we’ve been since February. We had to walk through a group by the bandstand on the way in. On the way out we passed through the same group however two of them were having sex at the side of the path, the rest oblivious. The last time we walked back from the cinema with the kids we passed by a guy having a dump, this was trickier to explain.
    So, we’re off in the car to Broughton for the afternoon once again. Instead of walking into the town we grew up in.

    Linking into the other thread about high school standards, we have a year before we have to make a decision for our eldest. After this morning, we’ve decided enough is enough. Our kids wellbeing and education is simply far more important than some misguided loyalty to the town we’re from.

    We’ve invested a great deal into setting our lives up here but it’s been thrown back at us. Time to move on..



    I don’t blame you for feeling this way Adam. It is disgraceful that decent folk should have to put up with this sort of behaviour. If they were dogs, a bucket of water might make a difference. We haven’t even got enough fire engines to turn a fire hose on them.


    Liz Jackson

    The Council need to query why when they have CCTV on the grass area that they had not picked up this activity and of

      they did why no one had been called to intervene.
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