Williams report recommends Wrexham merge with Flinsthire council

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    Rex Ham

    Any return to a “Clwyd County Council” would be a case of the tail wagging the dog. Do we really want people from say Holywell deciding what goes on in Wrexham?



    A debate in the Full Council on the possibility of merging with Flintshire live streamed on the Internet followed by a recorded vote would be democracy in action. Who has made the decision not to merge? There has been no motion put before the Council.



    It is surprising that such a statement can be made by Clr Rogers without consultation with the electorate and without all facts being in the Public Domain. At least Scotland’s people had a vote on their future — we should not underestimate the importance of possibly joining with Flintshire. I would like the Lead Member on Partnerships Hugh Jones to set out a case why there should not be a merger – all the pros and cons and also the same from a Flintshire perspective. Lets start looking at facts and not just have statements that have come from meetings behind closed doors.. Clr Jones has asked for transparency and ideas on the budget then why can he not arrange not the same for the merger.



    Having now left the Labour party with his tribe of followers how on earth can Clr Rogers now be seen to support ANY initiative that comes from the Labour Controlled Welsh Government. In politics those from members of Political Parties that are not in power always need to be at least seen to not agree with the Government and this is clearly what is now going to happen in Wrexham.
    Can the Council really be taken seriously by the Welsh Government when there is such disarray- the chasm between Wrexham and Cardiff is just about to grow wider than ever.



    Going by the Full Council report – “In August 2014 Wrexham County Borough Council held two all Member workshops in order to produce responses to both of these consultations”

    And : “Members felt that they were effectively being consulted on one option and during the workshops were unanimous in their view that a merger with a neighbouring authority was not in the best interest of the people of Wrexham.”

    Full Council agenda is worth a read for those who haven’t already. Slotted between new Lead Members and Council merger reports – is a 45 page document titled: “Focused on Our Performance 2013-14”. Not so much related to a Wrexham / Flintshire merger, but has some details of Wrexham’s economy, safety etc etc

    Page 33 on wards for those interested :D




    Looking forward to the live streaming .



    The independent statistics from the ONS show that the area has dropped 14 index points in the overall UK economy in the last decade, from near UK average performance to now 86 points. If one independent measurement can be so decisive and informative, why does this report (Council Annual Performance) not address the issues of a declining economy and earnings, and the declining money in the local economy

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