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    Scouts from Wrexham are currently fundraising to help towards the cost of attending the World Scout Jamboree which is being held in Japan in 2015.

    Many people may ask why they should donate money to help kids have a ‘holiday’ in Japan at a time when money is short and there are so many other charities asking for funds.

    First of all, the Jamboree isn’t a holiday. Yes, it will be an incredible experience for all those taking part, but it will also be really tough for them. They’ll be up at 5 in the morning most days so they can be ready for a packed programme of activities. Many of these activities are looking at global problems with other Scouts from across the world and learning how they can make a difference. Over 30,000 teenagers from almost every country on earth coming together to make the World a better place.

    Secondly, some of the money which we raise goes towards helping Scouts from developing countries get to the Jamboree. Without this help, some countries would not be able to attend.

    Most importantly though is that we think that every child in the UK should have a chance to attend events like these, no matter what their background or family’s financial circumstances are. If we didn’t get support with fundraising Jamborees would just be for rich kids. How is that fair?

    The Scouts don’t just beg for donations. It’s important that those that are going to the Jamboree appreciate the value of money and we get them to work for it. Long hours helping customers packing their bags in supermarkets, creating their own cottage industries and we’ll soon be bringing back Bob-a-Job – all examples of how these kids are giving back to the community in return for the donations they get.

    We don’t get any support from government; we rely purely on the help the public give us, and we are usually bowled over by how generous people are.

    We’ve already had a fantastic response to start off our fundraising, so a massive thank you to all those who’ve helped us so far. It really does mean a lot.

    So next time you see a Scout fundraising for Japan, please do your best and dig deep.

    David Morris
    Unit Leader
    Gold Diggers Word Jamboree Unit



    The return of Bob-a-job – fantastic! Although a “bob” won’t mean much to anyone under 50. Come to think of it a “job” is an alien concept to a lot of people nowadays. Good luck.

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