What do they want, a slap on the back?

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    Wow, major drug bust.

    There were two on Lord street about 5.30 Friday with more than that each.
    One was being coy and hiding it behind the bin, the other was sat on the seat, rolling a fat one in full view.

    The CCTV camera above his head was viewing St Elsewhere.

    The guy who was leaning against the travel agents wall on his bike had already had his, hence the crash and heap on the floor when he fell over.

    I rarely go into Wrexham, yet I see drugged up zombies and/or drug deals/dealers/hand offs every single time.

    If I can see it that readily, that often, what are the cctv seeing, and ignoring?



    I saw the tweet and and what wasn’t clear was whether or not it was Spice/Mamba or Cannabis? If the latter – an utterly pointless brag.



    Wrexham just like Rhyl, a daily parade of various drug abusers in the main streets.

    A circus!

    Dealers paradise or what? Media need to keep exposing what is going on in the real world.

    NWPF limited manpower and no control.

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