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    I am an extremely proud Welshman but I am horrified at the thought of Welsh independence. Even with our limited self governance we have proved ourselves incapable of running this country. Unlike Scotland we have no oil to help pay the bills. Presently our education and health service standards are abysmally low. All we have is a tourism industry, how will we fund the running of our country.
    Please inject some realism into the debate. Under the EU we were the largest beneficiaries. We don’t have the assets to make it work and since part devolution occurred we have gone downhill fast.



    I am an extremely proud Englishman and I love living in Wales but I to am horrified at the thought of Welsh independence.


    I wouldn’t trust south Wales to run a p$ss up in a brewery.


    The Monitor

    In Wales we have Water… much more important to life than Oil. Everyday millions of gallons of water are sent into England. Income to Wales from this is negligible. Devolution would mean taking control of our water and selling it at a fair price.



    Welsh Water a very good example of a source of income should Wales become independent. Example Llyn Efyrnwy ( Lake Vyrnwy ) Constructed in the 1880s by submerging the village of Llanwddyn for the supply of water to the Liverpool Water Corporation. To day it supplies water to over 900,000 customers in the Cheshire and Merseyside area and that is just one section of England that Welsh Water supplies.

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