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    The entire UK has made a mess of allocating results.

    Youngsters are not able to take their places in University due to less than expected results.

    Not interested in any other part of the UK but what is Wales going to do about this travesty? It is not fair to these young people who have worked so hard over the last 12 months to receive such disappointing news when they couldn’t take exams through no fault of their own.

    Those with their substandard AS levels should be approaching universities now.

    Will it be the same with GCSE result’s next week.

    Something has got to be done & now.



    Yes, they could have used an algorithm that gave students credit for the extra hassle they’ve had to deal with. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt and mark them by assuming that they did their best?

    Instead, it looks like they’ve used an algorithm that cements existing inequalities.



    There have been regular A grade pupils marked down to D & E. Surely their teachers know how hard they have worked or not as the case may be. Why were they not given an input? At this important stage in their lives they have been badly let down by those who should know better. What sort of example is that?



    “A-level student and Wrexham youth parliament member ????? said: “Not only have you abandoned thousands of students who did not have a chance to sit their exams, but you have demonstrated a lack of respect and trust in teachers across the nation.”
    He said he had been predicted to achieve A* and A grades, but was awarded a single A grade and Bs.
    “How is it justifiable that A*s are brought down to Bs?” he asked.”

    ??????, “17, from Cwmbran is another member of the youth parliament who signed the letter.
    She said her predicted AS-level grades were downgraded from three Bs to an unclassified and two D grades.
    “It kind of feels like they just got a number generator or a letter generator and given you a grade based on that,” she said.
    “It sucks because I need these to apply for university next year because these are my predicted for university. How can I go anywhere with these?”
    She said it had left her felling “distraught” and she would now be appealing the results.”



    The Welsh Government seem to have done a U- turn.

    Welsh Government in A Level result u-turn as students will now get predicted grades along with GCSE students

    Good, let’s hope the WAG will start to be clearer that England is not a good example to follow.



    Labour Government running afraid that all our 16 and 17 year olds could vote them out next year in the Elections now they gave them the right to vote couple months ago!! Young People now have powers of influence even before they post their first ballot paper.



    Of course it’s all WAG’s fault despite there being identical situations in all the home nations.

    Shameless MP has just criticised the Welsh Government for making the IDENTICAL decision The Tories have just made in England for the English students.

    Feel free to complain about bringing the MP into it boo hoo she of a public figure shouldn’t be criticised for her public words BUT this is a cast iron statement too.

    Many students in England have been let down by the English system.

    I’m pleased to see that the Westminster Government has listened to pupils concerns and have implemented a system which won’t disrupt their futures.

    This will come as a relief to many across #AnywhereEngland

    Why can’t there just be a united acceptance that things went wrong across the board and the blame is shouldered equally and NEXT TIME all 4 countries bang their heads together and learn from the mistakes in case this has to be repeated in uncertain times and we don’t let our UK students down again. Parochial infighting gets so tiresome.



    Although quite stupidly Keir Starmer has just made a similar tweet criticising the Westminster Government RE: Grades – despite the system being the same in Labour controlled Wales. So they’re all at it. Sometimes I just give up.


    Ioan y Ffin

    All four Governments seem to have been worrying about the wrong thing – they were obsessing about grade inflation when no-one actually was going to sit any exams – rather than focusing on the fact that GCSEs and A Levels are all stepping stones either to sixth form or university/work. They could have devised some other way with teachers, universities and employers of ensuring that pupils and students progressed on to whatever is the next stage in their lives that is best suited to them rather than rely on the make believe of predicted grades and algorithms.

    At least after the governments’ volte-face, students can now progress onto the next stage, but there’s no getting away from the fact that all this year’s awards will have a very short half life. Thankfully for most students that won’t matter, what they actually have learned will matter far more. (and they will have certainly learned from the mess our political class have made.)



    Spot on Ioan – at the end of the day the.few students who will have been given better grades than they would have got had they sat the exams will end up either finding the next stage of education/work too hard and drop out from their University placements/jobs, or they’ll pull their socks up and give them the incentive to work harder and achieve something in life. So it’s a win-win. I can’t imagine they’ll fake climb their entire way through life off the back of these results.

    On the converse those who got marked down by the algorithm who were genuinely going to do well will not be held back.

    All the best to all students moving onto their next stage this year.

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