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    Chris just to clarify for you– at a Welsh Assembly election ALL those elected are members of the National Assembly of Wales — it is then only the largest political party (or possibly coalition) that actually form the Welsh Government.
    All Ministerial portfolios are given to members of the ruling political party by the First Minister.
    I wonder if many people would have such an anti Welsh Government view of control from Cardiff if they had established their operational base in Mid Wales! Is the issue location of the Senedd or the feeling that all functions are Cardiff centric- (everyone should remember that the largest population in Wales is down South so proportionately they are likely to get the highest level of funding resources



    Looks like Wrexham Council Leader Mark Pritchard has yet again decided to go it alone by making the statement in the Wrexham Leader tat that 1200 jobs will go in the next three years– how many of these jobs could possibly be saved if a merger with Flintshire went ahead ( I pose the question but dint have the answer). Surly this should be researched first. If 20% of the workforce is to be reduced then surely we need 20% less managers from the top and 20% less Councilors. The number of managers and Councilors that could be cut could be considerably more cuts of this scale mean the abolition of some services completely.


    So discussions with welsh government lasted 8 minutes, and cllr Pritchard was only after a fight. Why does that not surprise me, the man is clearly incapable of an intelligent debate. Can’t imagine this will end well for Wrexham when such a vacuous numbskull is leading us into a position we can’t backdown from.



    I don’t think either side comes across particularly well. I’m not averse to the merger proposals, but don’t see how Leighton Andrews attempting to force councils into so called ‘voluntary mergers’ is helping the situation.



    Devolution has turned Wales into a Labour dictatorship. They know with certainty that they will be the largest party in the WAG for ever more, and therefore feel free to push forward proposals which were never in their manifesto.



    All of these antics reminds me of the school yard behavior that used to exist. Both parties involved need followers – Leighton needs the mandate of the Welsh Government to deliver the independently produced Williams Commission report on the restructuring of Local Authorities. Mark Pritchard needs a mandate from the Council (or to be more precise the majority of the Executive of 10 Members – the other 40+ may as well go home as their voice has no value).
    Why have we the electorate who will be the ones being affected most not been given any factual information from either side comparing pros and cons.
    We all deserve having the ‘facts’ to help us all understand what is at stake and the impact for local people and businesses. No doubt both sides will not agree on the ‘facts’ but that is when the real debates should take place in public. Let us have an open forum (Question Time) style and put both sides to the test– then decide and just get on with it.. stop bickering and man up to the role that you have both been given..

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