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    @JaneJ 18943 wrote:

    The last thing we need in Wrexham is any more supermarkets or shop areas – the surplus available at the moment there is so much spare capacity so the likely purchaser of the Waterworld site would have to be housing. Land transfers to Social Housing are often below market price so we should be asking who have they git lined up for a £1.1 million sale.
    Any retail space would decimate the town retail sector even further – lets hope the council is nit thinking capital gain vs town centre destruction

    Yeah, no more supermarkets.
    I admit, I do like them but enough is enough.



    @asteve76 18981 wrote:

    I’m in total agreement jackndanni. I don’t believe for one second that the building is as bad as they say. A grim portrait will always be painted if a council is hell bent on demolishing something. Yet when improvements are needed, the building is deemed to be in adequate to excellent condition already.
    I have a feeling that a developer or two has expressed interest in the entire site, including the police station (which is also set to come down), and a 1 followed by several zeros have been offered.
    If the inevitable does happen and nothing can be saved from demolition, either waterworld will be replaced by some nondescript replacement, completely lacking in character. Or we’ll get masses of small, red cubes, masquerading as houses, with garages so small that, while you can get the car in, you won’t be able to open the doors.

    Why doesn’t the council sort out the empty land we already have that’s lying derelict.
    Just look at the St Giles Way/Bridge Street area for example, demolished years ago and still lying empty.

    It would be a sad day if Waterworld was replaced, its always been an iconic part of Wrexham, since I was a child. Change for change sake is not always for the better as people would have you believe. Look whats happened to the town centre !! Destroyed.

    Problem is in Wrexham now is everybody wants to build houses no matter where they are. Small garages / no garages = more profit. The new housing development proposed for Gresford Road for example you will be lucky to get a garage as they are intending to have Communual Parking Areas. Green fields gone forever.

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