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    Council Watcher many thanks for your very comprehensive list of things to look out for – I will make sure that my daughter who has an interest in one of the stalls see the article- hope the other stall holders are aware.
    In view of one of the main ‘attractions’ ie the gallery now not being in use for a period of time I assume the stall holders should get some compensation (from the rent not yet paid) to refelect yet another negative that will affact the reduced footfall.

    Rob does this reflect what you are picking up with your ear to the ground!


    Rob does this reflect what you are picking up with your ear to the ground!

    I did pop in to eat, have a cuppa and do some voluntary work – however rather than having my ear to the ground I got it bent regarding the recent three stories on rent/contracts/gallery closure :)

    In the conversation the topic of contracts/agreements was mentioned, so I asked a nearby trader if they had been given one or not – and was told no.

    One thing that has been passed over this evening is this public Facebook post from Just Desserts (try them if you have not!) that is doing an informal canvas on how much business was lost due to their then unfinished unit for opening day – as they have been asked for figures.

    Calling all our lovely customers! We've been asked to estimate how much business we lost by Not being able to open due…

    Posted by Just desserts and milkshakes wrexham on Thursday, 30 August 2018

    The BBC were floating around today as well, but I have not seen the report and just looking online can’t find it. The BBC site does suggest news “From other local news sites” in North East Wales, and links to the Daily Post’s “Sex, cake and mirrors on the ceiling: Loose Women’s most outrageous moments” so will have a nose at that instead.

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    Council Watcher

    Has any of the office space been rented/licensed to any external organstions yet? Are they subject to the same dealy in collecting rents?

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