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    Council Watcher

    Unless I’m mistaken I don’t think Ty Pawb is open on Sundays – so no matter what the weather they are missing out. The two attractions that will keep people hanging around an area when we have the hot weather like this weekend will be somewhere to sit outside, a river/lake/ pond/grass area- none of which appear at Ty Pawb.

    The only thing Ty Pawb has to offer in hot weather is a place to cool down! or of course someone could just go and sit under a tree!!



    No rooftop terrace action in Wrexham this weekend then it seems.



    Still no proper website for Ty Pawb but Focus Wales are advertising two events there next weekend.


    Council Watcher

    Anybody know if anything is on at Ty Pawb today – Twitter says it is open 10.00am – 4.00pm but nothing ‘extra’ seems to be going on?
    If anything is on can you share the details..



    It appears that some (possibly All) of the stall holders are being given a rent-free period due to uncompleted building work, disruption and lack of marketing for Ty Pawb.
    Wonder if any of the traders prepared to give details of the deals and for how long? or Would someone from the Council give details of how much this new subsidy is now going to be paid and what budget pot it is coming from?

    When you read the article on Wrexham.com about the many numbers of people supported by the Council Workops programme that is going to lose their ‘work’ due to funding cuts at the same time money is being thrown at Ty Pawb and all of the private traders as if there is an open cheque book. It is totally immoral of the Council to be acting in this way.


    Liz Jackson

    Is it just me that is thinking that the Tabletop sale on Sunday is devaluing Ty Pawb and going to make it into a venue for a glorified Jumble Sale of peoples ‘tat’. Where is the link to art and craft centre..

    Also, whoever has planned this clearly has no links to the area or they would know that one of the largest Car Boot sales in the country takes place in Chirk and the other extremely large one at Bryn Y Grog take place every Sunday throughout the summer with people traveling from miles to sell and to buy- why would anyone want a table top in an indoor venue which has so little footfall–

    This weekend sees Focus Wales in town an ideal opportunity to really show Ty Pawb as a potential flagship venue for musical events yet it is only going to be used twice. What a lost opportunity to really get new people from outside the area attending and then possibly returning as they have seen the potential as a venue.. all the Council need to do is keep on down selling and the very many negative comments of the risk of closure etc will come true.

    Reading the previous thread from JaneJ how many more front-line care support services will be cut to fund the ongoing Ty Pawb money pit.



    Many opinions without any facts to back them up, when there are references to actual documents people have cherry picked the bits that support their views, which is unfair to Joe Public that believes what they read without benefit of being provided with a complete document.
    I believe that the sharing of information is a vital part of any future plans and the only way to draw a line under the speculative comments.

    Its also really sad for a random like myself to read a thread which is, on reflection, misleadingly titled only due to the negativity which is pouring out of people that are regular contributors in the wrexham.com forums as well as other support wrexham type groups. Having a strong voice in social media is huegly influencial in these didgital years and most of you will have a good following that soak up the negativity and make it spread like a virus into peoples minds so just hearing the words Ty Pawb sparks bad feelings so going in for look wouldn’t cross their minds.

    I would challenge the negative nellies to be more than a faceless voice on a forum and make better use of their influence and obvious intelligence, get a place on the advisory board or by volunteering your time to help implement a way forward strategy or by making sure what they said it would do it is actually doing and will contiue to for the future. that way you can all stand on your pedastals and say you were right all along.

    I know very little about these things and actively avoid getting into it with the usual keybaord warriors looking to wind people up but there are too many of you, here in the foorum, that have real skills to contribute for the benefit of the community.

    I will lurk around for a while in the hope of the voices of the people choose to accept my challenge…………. xx


    Council Watcher

    Marmoset– few facts that you could check with the Council
    Advisory Group — a number of applications were submitted but the Council have not selected a number of the people who put themselves forward and they have failed to create an Advisory Group. The Council have not readvertised or changed the voluntary job roles.

    Volunteers- there has been no promotion of any volunteering opportunities at TY Pawb.

    Businesses- the Council are having to reduce the rent and offer rebates to stall holders based on non-completion of the building works and lack of projected footfall.

    Other Markets – Traders in the other markets are currently talking between each other about their own future if the all markets income ends up going to subsidise Ty Pawb as the Council create a combined markets budgeting strategy to cover maintenence and marketing.

    Negativity – on the basis that the thread has more negativity than positivity — is that because there are no keyboard warriors that actually support TY Pawb. If this is not the case then why aren’t more people putting out a positive message. Why have the Council not put out statements about incorrect information? The Council at present are totally absent from any forms of media to promote Ty Paweb — is it because they accept they have nothing positive to say.

    We all need to give new things time to bed in but when £4.5 million of funds are invested in a project without a structured management and promotional plan in place from day one then how can anyone see this as being credible with a life beyond the first 12 months (without a massive subsidy from the population of Wrexham through their rates).



    Nice rallying call Marmoset, but quite frankly you are barking up the wrong tree here – probably wandering round the wrong forest entirely.

    1) The forum possesses a diverse range of views on most town topics and the people on here tend to do their homework at a higher level than even the council do. Everything is put under intense scrutiny and if someone posts something that is less than factual it gets called out. Hence why many interesting questions get raised on here and escalate elsewhere. I actually find it almost bizarre and almost unnerving that Ty Pawb has been hit with universal criticism and consensus within this fact when you can take any other topic in town – homeless, Groves, Kingdom, housing, shops etc… and there will be huge debates with at least 3 completely different angles. So alarm bells sound when something like Ty Pawb is meeting universal criticism. Something really must be up.

    2) If “Joe Public” as you put it decides to believe everything they read / see / hear then I suggest that they are ill prepared for 21st century life and should retire to a monastery or somewhere where influencers from around the world can’t mislead their delicate sensibilities via good old fashioned newspapers, TV/radio news, social media, workplace chatter etc… The point of having an opinion and speaking persuasively is one of the key reasons as a human being for communicating with others when getting deeper than anything other than asking “what’s for dinner?” or “how’s the weather?”. You can’t expect us to rein in our opinions just because you or other people are at odds with them. More than once recently have I been told to join a bloody committee on something I disagree with as some kind of deterrent to make me go into participation with something I’m not comfortable with or to get me to shut up. People try and force people into clubs, groups, parties and committees as an attempt to get them to conform and enforce “groupthink” with the threat that once they’re in the social group and disagree that they will be cast out or sanctioned.

    3) I also fail to understand why people are automatically assumed to be trying to wind people up just because they have opposing views to what certain powers that be dictate should be the right “way to think”. Is that not just thought policing? By very nature, people with intelligence are free to think for themselves and make a choice to be positive, negative, cynical, destructive, constructive, satirical, serious, concerned or ambivalent and express themselves in whatever way they see fit. If you wish to push people into a rigid framework of thinking then you may as well go and find a bunch of Daily Mail, Sun readers and get them all to bleet from the same hymn sheet. As for the whole keyboard warrior thing – not sure if that is meant as an insult or statement of fact – but we’re on a text-based discussion forum, of course people are going to be emotive and elaborate using the tools of a computer/smartphone keyboard to get their point across – otherwise the forum would just be full of single line comments with very little stimulus or activity and it would die on its backside. What are we asking for here – Keyboard pacifists? A very timid, light touch approach to talking to people online, but being a little bit nervous in case anyone’s feelings get hurt? What is a news presenter/panelist – a camera warrior? How about an author? – a pen warrior? Radio DJ/presenter – a microphone warrior? Someone shouting the odds in the pub – a voice warrior? I’m not entirely sure when it became a pertinent issue as to how messages of note get delivered in this world.

    4) I think that in order for your requests to have teeth, you actually need to take a point of view yourself rather than complain about other’s negative views, when you are not willing to get up on the soapbox yourself and tell us your own experiences of Ty Pawb, or what angle you are coming in from. Have you considered volunteering and joining the committee for Ty Pawb yourself? It sounds like you want to make it work, then you could take the lead and pick up other people who want to make it work. I know there are plenty of people on the Wrexham Town Matters Facebook group who back your stance. Show us negative nellies up by helping Ty Pawb to be a success. Then we will shut up. I think one of the frequent main concerns here that many people have is just how badly the council have implemented everything and as Council Watcher has pointed out above they are supposed to be promoting the Arts Hub and they’ve really not done much of that since the launch. You have to question why that is.


    If Ty Pawb ever stage the collected works of ‘Monsieur Tourette’, they can count on my patronage but not until then will I take them seriously as an arts venue.

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