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    1) Why is it hijacking a religious day – with a ‘heathen’ Victorian event?

    2) Will Susan Elan Jones be boycotting it on the account that the unseasonal fireworks will cause PTSD sufferers and pets untold misery?

    3) Six giant sculptures representing six different aspects of Wrexham’s history and community is a completely underwhelming draw vs the historic – Venetian gondolas, lions and underwater tanks with escapologists. How bloody boring.

    4) Will councillors and ‘top management’ be eligible to park for free for this event? Will everyone else have to pay to park, or will they also be allowed to park for free?

    5) Now really splitting hairs here – why is there a North Wales Brass Band named after a fictional Mid/South Wales town? – Band Pres Llareggub Brass Band. They should have gone with Llanfair PG instead.

    6) Who is paying for all this? – and why aren’t they spending it elsewhere </generic financial outrage>

    Go, Go, Go….

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