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    I have been in the cellar in Arnold’s and there is a hole in the wall which leads to a tunnel. My friend crawled in to have a look but couldn’t really see where they lead to, but runs along side Avow towards the bus station and towards the navy recruitment office. Also my dad used to work in a bakery on Charles street and he use to use a tunnel at the back of the shop and it would bring him out by the old feathers pub. There would be steps at the back of the shop leading down to a door where the tunnel was. You can still see the steps at the backs of the shops from eagles meadow.


    That sounds really fascinating Lisa.
    Where exactly on Charles Street was the bakery? We are dying to nip round and look for ourselves, it’s only round the corner from the shop of course!

    Had a great meeting this morning with the 3rd-year degree students who will be designing our trail leaflet, they were full of enthusiasm and good ideas. It’s going to be brilliant!



    I spoke to my dad and he said the bakery was hampsons and it was up Charles st at top where the Christian book shop is next door to barber s where the old corn mill was.

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