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    Stop / Go will not really solve the problem. Anyone seen anyone working there yet?



    Hopefully the stop/go will help a bit but seems like it’s getting so congested there the tailbacks are always going to happen no matter what.

    Temporary traffic lights on Cefn Rd causing some issues in mornings/evenings too.

    Seems a bit strange to be whinging about roadworks at this time of year seen as it’s usually March when everything happens at once!



    Traffic this morning at 8:30am seems worse than ever. The queue started from the beginning of the bypass slip-road coming form Chester direction, cars were blocking the roundabout so some resorted to driving on the grass verge to get past the tail end of the queues. green lights came and went with no movement. I eventually got round to find the queue past B&Q seemed to be at a standstill. It continued past the university with cars again blocking the roundabout so staff and students couldn’t; get it and went as far as the welsh school at Plas Coch.

    Great improvement that stop go sign, or was the operator missing?



    Went in a different route this morning at 8.30, traffic was flowing both ways down wattery rd as far as i could see from the rounderbout – no one wirth a stop and go sign, perhaps people dont about the update.

    I had no issue came off at J4 straight down in to town only took me 5 mins if that was by j4 at 8.25 in work at my desk before 8.40 with a cuppa :D

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