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    Am I the only person being disturbed by large tractors and trailers charging past my house in Wrexham into the night?



    It’s harvest season. Farmers are restricted by weather (heavy rain due on Friday) as to when they can harvest. I promise you they don’t want to work into the night, but unless they want the crop to spoil, they have to. Unless you fancy going self-sufficient, I’m afraid it is what it is.

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    Harvest time happens every year. We’re used to it.



    Have noticed a pristine blue tractor on Salisbury Road a few times and a tractor and trailer in Brook Street always wonder where they have come from and where they are going!



    Ive no problem with that, my main problem, is when tractors travel on the road at rush hour cant they wait until 5.45pm not 5pm to go on the main roads.

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