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    Maureen Gray

    Now I know I’m stupid, but WHY CAN fly posters post posters all over town even though its ‘illegal’ yet the council cannot remove them because its ‘illegal’.
    Its like PC gone wrong, get out there with a power wash and clean the town centre – then CCTV / Kingdom / Council Enforcement / CPSO to stop/report any new ones. Then if any appear, write to the organisers of the event and threaten legal action.

    Oh no, can’t do that might upset someone – fly posters – human rights – others – non council tax payers – etc..etc…mad world…..



    Funny thing is no-one is going to fall for their 1980s guerrilla this is cancelled campaign. Everyone has the internet & can just look it up & see the event is still on.

    Knowing Wrexham Council they’d stupidly get it wrong & put cancelled on all the Ty Pawb event posters but no1 will notice a drop in attendance as no1 will turn up anyway.

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